Hourly-price Sub-Subcontract Form

Acknowledgement of Independent Contractor

I acknowledge the following:

1. I am an independent contractor and not an employee of Workforce Brokers.

2. Consistent with the foregoing, Workforce Brokers shall not deduct withholding taxes, FICA, or any other taxes required to be deducted by an employer as I     acknowledge my responsibility to pay same as an independent contractor.

3. I acknowledge that Workforce Brokers will offer different projects for me to consider and I will bid on the rate for each project.

4. I acknowledge that I am not required to follow regular (daily, weekly, etc.) standard procedures established by Workforce Brokers.

5. I acknowledge that my working days and hours will not be mandated by Workforce Brokers.

6. I acknowledge that I will be the only one to determine my usual activities and I will not receive any written or verbal instructions.

7. I acknowledge that Workforce Brokers will not have anyone assigned to monitor my performance.

8. I acknowledge that all the deadlines, quality control, safety control etc. of the projects will be determined by the General Contractor of the project and if I do not     meet or exceed those I may lose the contract.

9. I acknowledge that I am responsible for providing any tools used for my work.

10. I acknowledge that I will be financially responsible for re-doing any work deemed unacceptable.

11. I acknowledge that I am not required to personally perform the services offered to Workforce Brokers.

12. I acknowledge that I am free to offer my services to the public to do work similar to that performed for Workforce Brokers.

13. I acknowledge that I am covered under my own workers' compensation policy.

14. I further acknowledge that I shall not be entitled to any fringe benefits, retirement contributions or any other benefits provided to Workforce Brokers      employees.

I understand and agree that should I ever apply for or be formally offered and accept employment with Workforce Brokers, I would become eligible to participate in the company's employment benefits program applicable to the role offered at that point in time.

As an independent contractor to Workforce Brokers I will be providing the following services:
Please read this acknowledgement form carefully before signing.

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