Notice to Employees

The goal of Workforce Brokers Drug-free Workplace policy is to balance our respect for individuals with the need to maintain a safe, productive and drug-free environment. The intent of this policy is to offer a helping hand to those who need it while sending a clear message that illegal drug use and alcohol abuse are incompatible with working at Workforce Brokers.

All employees are expected to understand and actively participate in this program. Workforce Brokers encourages its employees to take a proactive approach in identifying potential problems or violations by promptly reporting them to their supervisor. It is the employee's responsibility to be aware of the following violations:

  1. It is a violation of our policy for any employees to possess, sell, trade or offer for sale illegal drugs

    or otherwise engage in the use of illegal drugs or alcohol on the job.

  2. It is a violation of our policy for anyone to report to work under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol--that is,with

    illegal drugs or alcohol in his or her body.

  3. It is a violation of our policy for anyone to use prescription drugs illegally. It is not a violation of our policy for an

    employee to use legally prescribed medications, but the employee should notify their supervisor if the prescribed

    medication will affect the employee's ability to perform their job.

  4. Violations of this policy are subject to disciplinary action, which can take the form of a letter of reprimand,

    suspension from work without pay, even immediate dismissal.

If you have any uncertainty regarding the content of this policy, you are required to consult your supervisor. This should be done prior to signing and agreeing to the Workforce Brokers Drug-free Workplace Policy.

I have read and understand Workforce Brokers Drug-free Workplace Policy, and its requirements and expectations of me as an employee.